Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We Got Our LOA!

Last night we got home from our trip to Kentucky and this morning I got a phone call from our adoption agency letting us know we got our Letter of Acceptance (LOA) yesterday. Our caseworker had left us a message yesterday afternoon and she was wondering why I hadn't called back yet. I told her I hadn't had time to check my voice mail messages. She knows I would normally call her back super quick. The LOA means that China has reviewed our dossier and approved it. This is wonderful news and our agency said that we will be traveling to China in approximately 12 weeks or so. This means we should be traveling in late January or early February which is much sooner than we expected which makes this Mama very happy!!!! Now I have a bunch more adoption and immigration paperwork to keep me busy for another week or so. I guess I better get busy making sure I have everything I need on my packing list.

Here is a picture of my two kiddos with their Great Grandma and Great Grandpa in Kentucky.