Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cards, Packages, Homeschooling, and Adoption Paperwork

We are enjoying getting ready for Christmas at our house but everything is running a bit behind schedule. Some Christmas cards are heading out in the mail today, the packages have not been mailed yet since I ordered something to go in all of them that has not arrived, and we are trying to squeeze in as much homeschooling as we can before we head to China. I say that as I sit here writing a post and watching Isaiah pull Susu on a sled right by our front window. We got about 2 inches of snow last night and it is perfect snowman snow so how can I keep the kids inside all morning.

My plan this year is to play the "I'm Adopting Card" which will be my excuse for anything that is late or not done for Christmas and all of 2011 if need be. I have been doing more adoption paperwork for this adoption then I had to do for our last adoption so I am blaming everything on that. Yesterday I called USCIS and the kind lady I talked to said she would be mailing out my I800 that day. If that is true, then I think all we have left to wait for is our Article 5 and our Travel Approval. This new Hague adoption process has me a bit confused. Thank goodness our agency knows exactly what is going on.

Here is a picture of our kids in front of our tree which we cut down from our own land. The tree had blown about 1/3 the way over in the last big wind storm that came through so we just helped it down the rest of the way.