Friday, January 14, 2011

We Have Another Son!

We are excited and thrilled to announce that we just got pre-approval to adopt another son! We will be naming him Levi and you can read more about him on the Love Without Boundaries blog here. Last week, after we submitted our Letter of Intent to adopt him, we found out the amazing news that both Jacob and Levi are foster brothers. We were happily shocked and we finally understood why we were so drawn to this child. God had planned for him to be part of our family all along! I am so glad my two boys will have each other during the difficult adoption transition. It is so hard for these children to lose everything and everyone they are familiar with. My boys will have each other for support and I am amazed at how God has brought all this together for us and them.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Memorial Box Monday: In the Nick of Time

This is my first Memorial Box Monday post. This whole Memorial Box idea originated with Linny at A Place Called Simplicity and it is a way for us to remember how God has provided for us in the past, especially when we face difficulties or trials in the present or future. "In Joshua 4, God tells the Isrealites to collect stones and set them as a Memorial to remind them of God's power and provision. He then tells the Israelites to use those stones as a memorial; that every time they see them to tell their children and their children's children the stories over and over again, continually reminding them of God's faithfulness." You can read more about Linny's Memorial Box idea here. I actually prefer having a bowl of stones where I write little words or phrases to remind me of how God has provided for our family. These little stones are the inspiration for half of my blog's name.

This story happened a number of years ago when we lived in our prior home. We had finally decided to replace our old peeling kitchen counters and my Dad was going to install them after they came in. I had picked out the new counters I wanted and had measured my older counters about ten times to make sure the new counters would be cut to the right size. I placed my order at Lowes and was told it would be about two weeks before they came in.

It was a week day morning when the counters were suppose to be delivered to Lowes, all cut and ready to be installed. That morning, I woke up about 5 a.m. and had this terrible sinking feeling that I had measured my counters wrong. I got up, found my tape measurer, and went to the kitchen to measure my counters again. There was a back edge on my old counters and when I got out to the kitchen I saw the mistake I had made. All along I had been measuring from the inside edge of this back L shaped piece and not the outside edge. How had I made such a stupid mistake. I was so upset with myself because I knew my new counters had been cut to the wrong measurements and would never fit. That would be almost $400 down the drain.

When Lowes opened up at 6 a.m., I called the man I had ordered the counters from and he was actually in to work already. I explained my mistake and he told me that the counters hadn't been delivered yet and he would call the factory to see what was going on. He called me back a few minutes later to deliver the wonderful news that the factory was behind and my counters had not been cut yet. He told me how lucky I was because my counters were scheduled to be cut in the next hour or so. I was so happy to hear this news but I knew it wasn't luck that had saved my counters. I don't normally wake up at 5 a.m. two weeks after I order something with the thought that I have made a mistake. I knew without a doubt that the Holy Spirit had woke me up at 5 a.m. so that my counters could be saved in the nick of time.

This was not the first or the last time that God helped us with things for our home. One thing I have been surprised to learn about God over the years is that he cares about the little things and the big things in our lives. He knows I am a homeschooling mother who spends most days teaching my children in my home and this home is important to me. Kitchen counters are not important in the grand scheme of things but my feelings are important to God. He knew how upset I would have been if I had wasted $400 on ruined kitchen counters that were my fault. What a gift those saved kitchen counters were to me!

I have to add a disclaimer to this photo. This was a picture of my old kitchen which was taken after I had cleaned and decluttered our house from top to bottom to get it ready for real estate photos so we could sell it. My kitchen is never this uncluttered or clean normally.