Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Little One From My Boys' Orphanage

We met this sweet baby when we visited our boys orphanage in May. When I looked into his eyes I just knew he needed a Mama to come soon who would look past the hair on his face and see the handsome baby boy underneath. He is now on shared list as of February 8th. His special needs are hypertrichosis (primarily on his face and thighs), malformed fingers on his right hand, and patent forament ovale. These are all relatively minor special needs. His date of birth is 11/05/10 and his initials are GQH if you are looking for him on the shared list..


  1. We are going to get our son hopefully this spring from this city. You advocated for our son. Thanks again :) I noticed this little guy was ready for adoption recently and I just think he has the cutest little face. Wish we could pick him up too...

  2. he is beautiful. I burst in to tears when I saw him. We are not able to adopt this moment :( however my hubby just was so moved when he saw this little guy over my shoulder! I am going to pray. can you direct me to details so we can check further? xxx

  3. He is so precious! We are committed to two children currently so we'll be praying this little one home!

  4. I know it has been a few months since you posted this information, but I was directed here when I was inquiring about adopting with my husband. This little boy has caught my attention and I'd love to know more information about him. Could you please direct me somewhere where I can learn more about this precious child and see if he is still available?

    Thank you.

    1. This little one has a family coming for him now. We don't know who the family is yet but we have gotten confirmation that he has been matched.